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Premium Solar Panels

ARC Energy only uses premium solar panels. This ensures you the customer gets the highest quality, warranty, and production from your solar panels for many years to come. All of our panels and systems come backed with a 25yr. bumper to bumper warranty. Stop renting your power and start owning it today!

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Home Efficiency Upgrades

ARC Energy Solutions is committed to improving quality of life by lowering energy costs, reducing environmental impact, and increasing the value of homes.

A healthy home that is properly sealed, insulated, ventilated and on the cutting edge of eco-technology delivers a number of benefits to the home owners including:

Improved Comfort

Reduced Energy Costs

Healthier Living Environment

LED Lighting and Smart Therms

LED lighting is another affordable and great solution to decreasing your energy loss as these bulbs typically use 10x less amount of power than a normal incandescent light bulb.  Pairing this with a high energy efficiency smart thermostat that learns when you're home or not to adjust the temperature to an economical temperature are great additions to the efficiency of your home.


High Efficiency Window Tint

When it comes to tinting the windows of your home this can be one of the simpler and more affordable things you can do to dramatically increase the efficiency as well as the comfort of your home. We have numerous options of tint to fit your needs and to give you the look and comfort that you want for your home.


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